What is Pilates?

Pilates is a strength based exercise program which focuses on correct muscle activation and control. Pilates is a whole body workout which aims to tone muscles and improve strength and flexibility.

Sunbury Osteopathy Mat Pilates
Sunbury Osteopathy Pilates

Mat Pilates

At Sunbury Osteopathy, we offer group Mat Pilates classes.
Our classes are structured so that they allow individuals of all ages and levels of experience to participate and strengthen their deep core and pelvic floor muscles, gluteals, lower back and postural muscles.

Classes run for 45-50 mins in duration and are tailored to the group and individual’s needs. Our experience and understanding of injuries and conditions allows us to modify the exercises to suit each individual in the class as needed.
Our group Mat Pilates classes can be booked online under ‘Group Sessions’.

Mat Pilates classes are conducted in person at our clinic, and online via Zoom; led by our Osteopath Anica or our Pilates instructor Nicole.

View the Sunbury Osteopathy Mat Pilates Timetable here.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates and exercise rehabilitation sessions focus on strength, stability, muscle control, posture and balance using a mixture of Pilates and general exercises.

These sessions are offered one on one which allows an individualized program that will help you to reach your strength and fitness goals.

These sessions are great for:
• pre and post natal
• injury rehabilitation and prevention
• athletes
• those who are unsure about starting an exercise
program or looking for some extra personalized support

Our Clinical Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation sessions are run by our Osteopath Anica.

Sunbury Osteopathy Clinical Pilates

Interested in a Pilates Class?

Make a booking online for a group Mat Pilates or a 1 to 1 Clinical Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation Class!

For further information, contact Anica on 0403 816 222 or send us an email sunburyosteopathy@gmail.com

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